History :

Nearly 20 years ago at the corner of Whitmore and Euclid roads in Hughson,  local resident Margaret Sturtevant dreamed of a time in the years to come when that particular corner would be filled with beautiful trees that the members of the community could enjoy.

There would be a quiet place where they could go for relaxation or meditation. There would be information that would be helpful in knowing which plants used the least water or grew best in the sun. They would become acquainted with native plants that flourished in this soil. Visitors would be fascinated when they saw trees that thrived in all parts of the world or that were descendants of trees that had lived thousands of years before. There would be classes where their children could study the leaves and seeds of the trees and shrubs and there would also be classes for adults. Those dreams have become a reality on land that was previously a walnut orchard. The first few acres were planted to ornamental trees in 1994, the next group in 1998, and in 2007, five acres of native plants and trees were added to the arboretum.

Mission Statement:

 The mission of Hughson Arboretum and Gardens is to plant, maintain and make available to the public, native tree and plant species, trees of historic value, or other types of plant material to promote education about and appreciation of our natural environment, to encourage the preservation of native plant species, and to provide the public with a place of peace and quiet contemplation.

The primary objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be: To design, plant and maintain an arboretum and garden in Hughson, California, using, to the extent practicable, sound environmental and ecologically compatible practices. The principal focus of the arboretum and garden operated in an environmentally sound manner and composed of native or historic trees with other kinds of trees and plants also included.